The world is a better place today. OK, so maybe not the whole world; maybe just this little tiny piece and maybe it’s not really better, yet- but there is new hope.

A very generous and talented friend of mine started her first “real” job today as the teacher of a middle school special needs class.  This is a very hard job. Don’t believe me? Just try and have a conversation with a middle school kid. It takes work.

Morgan has a gift and these kids, who have had a difficult and rocky row to hoe, will flock to her. She will show them that they can live up to the limited expectations that small-minded people have for them or they can overcome their difficulties and be much more.

As someone who has been tested, Morgan has a testimony to give. A single mom with two young children and no money, she has worked and struggled and made-do for years to get her degree. She could have quit and waited to be rescued, but she did not.

These kids, our community and our world will be a better place – because when it would have been so easy to quit, she pushed forward. She has earned the privilege of teaching perseverance to those who need it most.