What’s this about?

Quite accidentally, I discovered Dave Ramsey while searching for ways to help a friend that was deep in debt.

Dave taught me that normal sucks.

Having a car payment, a house payment, a student loan and a pile of credit card debt is normal. So is having so little money saved that one missed paycheck spins your life out of control.

Normal is normal for low wage earners and it is surprisingly normal for high earners.

After 22 months following Dave’s plan, we paid off the car and the boat and the house. We set aside an emergency fund.

Along the way I’ve been greatly inspired by what I lovingly call the “Crunchy Granola” bloggers. These are my simple living, tiny house, minimalist lifestyle heroes.

These guys are way Beyond Dave.

Motivated by Dave and my Crunchy Granola heroes, I absolutely refuse to be normal ever again.

You don’t have to be normal either. No matter where you are, how much or how little you earn, or how far you are in debt, you can change your life.

You can have security and freedom and peace.

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