Rock your World

Sometimes $1000 will rock your world and once you get your mind right, it is not that hard to come by.

Get over yourself

On the face of it, many of the ways to get a fast grand or a steady $1000 extra a month, will not make you the envy of the neighborhood. If you are living an average middle class life, your friends and neighbors might think it strange that you swap your suit for a pizza delivery guy shirt at 7 pm everyday or that you get up at 3 am to deliver papers. Get over it. The sooner the better. If you need to supplement your income to pay down debt, keep you afloat until you land your “real job” or stack up cash for an upcoming need, set aside your silly pride.

Realize its not forever

The idea here is get cash coming in quick. We don’t need to find a job that will lead to a lucrative career; we need something we can start NOW.

Many “Cash Now” opportunities are not advertised. They are off the books, word of mouth gigs. Can you cut grass, babysit, paint, tutor or clean? Drive, walk dogs or sew? Pick something you can do well. Print up some flyers and get after it. Check craigslist, the local paper, ask your friends and neighbors. Cut your hair, tuck in your shirt and answer the phone when people call – you’re ahead of 95% of the odd jobbers out there already.

Part-Time Job

If you just need $1000 this month, an odd job or a gig might be all you are looking for. With a gig, there is no obligation on your part or your customers to continue past the completion of the agreed upon task. If you need additional money for a longer stretch of time, there are many part-time opportunities out there – from Waiting Tables to UPS package sorter, Bartender, Delivery Driver – check out SnagAJob for some ideas.

Sell Something

Look around, what can you unload? You do not need to make your $1000 in one sale, 200 $5 sales at your big garage sale will get you there. If you are not actively using something and it has value – sell it!


To get this thing started you need to do something. Quit looking for the prefect work from home, make a million on line, opportunity and get your hands dirty. The goal is to make an extra $1000 in the next 30 days.

What have you done to bring in the cash?