Chasing a Dream

I am blown away by people who set outlandish and unconventional goals for themselves and then proceed actually to accomplish what they set out to do.

Recently I read a story of just that kind of person on one my favorite blogs – Get Rich Slowly. Here, Ian told his story of how he built his own house without a mortgage.

After deciding a normal career and suburban life was not for him, Ian made a plan to live on a big chunk of land in a home built off the grid house. Ian was able to buy 40 acres for less than $500 an acre in a place he would love living. He used a small inheritance from his great grandparents to buy the land.

After purchasing the land, Ian returned to college to finish his degree. When he graduated, he had $35,000 in student loan debt and no real assets other than the land. As much as he wanted to live in the boonies, he knew he could make more money in the city. Ian took a bar-tending job and paid off the $35,000 student loan in 53 weeks.

Editorial Comment: Did you catch that? He lived where he didn’t want to, doing what he didn’t long to, so that later, he could live his dream.

Ian then calculated that with two more years of living lean he would have enough money to build his house. He worked those two years and then returned to his land and started building. As most house projects go, Ian ran short of money before finishing.

Ian’s off the grid experience lead him to a job in the solar power industry. He now has saved enough to finish the interior and is currently saving to build a well-equipped workshop. Partially because Ian does not have to work, he does not mind working; but he still plans to retire by 30. Given what he has accomplished so far, I am sure he will be able to.

Ian consciously decided how he wanted to live his life and then he set out with great perseverance and determination to make it happen.

How about you? Are you chasing your dream with great perseverance and determination or just drifting along?