Meet Mr Money Mustache

If you want to do not a little better with your money, but worlds better, you need to meet one of my favorite money bloggers, Mr. Money Mustache.

I just love this guy, he’s smart and funny. One word of caution, he occasionally uses colorful language to make a point. I am intentionally hard to offend but if you are very delicate, read gently.

Here is  my favorite excerpt for his most recent Reader Case Study Post

CREDIT CARD DEBT IS AN EMERGENCY!! It goes out first, before you engage in any other activity. Do not write to Mr. Money Mustache for advice if you still have credit card debt. My advice is: tap all possible resources, up to and including couch-surfing, prostitution and illegal drug and organ sales, to pay off your credit card debt first. After that, we can start fixing the rest of your life.

You don’t know how often I’ve wanted to recommend selling a kidney to pay off Visa ! 🙂

Two more of his posts that you really need to read:

What Do You Mean “You Don’t Have a Bike”?!

How to Go from Middle-Class to Kickass

Mr. Money Mustache is clearly BeyondDave but not in the  traditional crunchy granola, live in a tiny house,  grow my own food, make my clothes, way. He lives with his wife and child is a very nice, rather large house. They have lots of toys and take long vacations. Still they are, at a very young age, financially free. They’ve accomplished this by being extremely intentional with their decision making.

I know we can all learn something from that.