All You Need To Be Is Better Than Me

When I struggle with a self-discipline issue, I sometimes fall into the trap of comparing myself to others.

You know how this is done; you start thinking about how you should really get serious about getting out of debt or losing a few pounds or finding a better job. “I really mean it this time”, you tell yourself, “It’s time get motivated and get it done”.

And then, you see or talk to a friend that who owes more, weighs more or has a suckier job.

Boom! Just like that, there goes the rest of your already faltering resolve.  No need to be bothered about failing to accomplish the things you set out to do; lots of people, maybe even most people are worse off than you.

As you might guess, this is not a helpful strategy for moving forward.

If you find yourself using this pitiful rationalization to justify your decision to continue being a slug, try these tactics:

  • Find and spend time with people that are working on the same thing you are or that have done what you are trying to do.
  • Keep a written copy of your goal and the why you want to achieve it on your mirror, your monitor, your refrigerator.
  • Graph your progress, by hand daily or weekly.

Often times, those that love us the most fail to understand or support our goals. Even after you painfully reveal to your best friend that you are seriously in debt, they may continue to encourage you to shop or go out. Chances are Grandma will keep putting that pie under your nose no matter how many times you tell her you need to lose weight. And well-meaning family and friends will encourage you to stay in that sucky job.

You don’t need to dump your old friends or avoid your family but you do need to recognize when they are helping you to avoid the responsibility you have to yourself.

The truth is, if you want to win, all you need to be is better then you were yesterday.

3 thoughts on “All You Need To Be Is Better Than Me”

  1. “The truth is, if you want to win, all you need to be is better then you were yesterday” Amen to this, may put this on my refriderator, thanks


    1. Thanks Pat, I know I need a constant reminder that small consistent efforts work. Drip, drip drip the bucket gets filled.

  2. I guess my email response that started with “embrace it” didn’t help….sorry. How about, want to ride the bridges with me? Is that better?

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