Week 1 UPDATE Be, Do and Have More (of what you want) Goals Challenge

This was our first week of working towards our three goals. If you wrote in your workbook like you were supposed to, you should have filled up several pages describing the steps you took each day towards each of your goals or you should have written did nothing when in fact you failed to do anything.

I have several did nothings in my workbook. I did not make progress on all my goals every day. However,  I am encouraged that every day I had something written. One day I only took steps toward one goal, a few days I made progress toward two goals and one very productive day I recorded steps toward all four goals.

Highlights from the week:

I feel like I made some headway on my I want to grow my reach goal because I came up with the beginnings of a plan. I took a big leap forward on my grow my faith goal when I set up an automated system (and actually used it) for tithing.

What got it the way / What didn’t work:

I made no progress on my lose 12 lbs goal although I did manage to walk most days. With company in the house and a celebration, there was way too much eating, drinking and laughing to even think about losing any weight.

What I learned from what didn’t work:

Exercise must be something I put on my calendar and treat just like a client appointment. Eating right is something I can do even when going out. I need to be more assertive about asking the restaurant to accommodate me.

I feel OK about my progress but I can certainly do better. I’m ready for Week 2.

How did you do?