Did you write your Dream List?

Our assignment last week in the Be, Do and Have More (of what you want) Goals Challenge was to list, in our PICK FOUR  workbook or on paper,  anything we think we might want to be, do or have. We were shooting for a list of 50 of these Dream Goals.

Here are mine:

  1. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  2. Ride my bike cross country
  3. Go to law school
  4. Be a guardian ad litem
  5. Own my own insurance agency
  6. Create passive income streams
  7. Lose 12 lbs
  8. Be really fit
  9. Ride a century
  10. Run a half marathon
  11. Help the church adopt a plan to buy their building
  12. Help bunches of people get out of debt
  13. Help businesses run by good and innovative people be successful while treating their employees well
  14. Grow my postage stamp sized faith to the size of a soccer field
  15. Be more self sufficient
  16. Plant a garden
  17. Be solar powered
  18. Connect more to the boys
  19. Inspire others to be, have and do more
  20. Build a community of like-minded people and businesses
  21. Get my CPCU
  22. Take Jim to more basketball games
  23. Tithe
  24. Get my life uncomplicated
  25. Redo the Pool deck
  26. Buy a new Patio set
  27. Buy a table for my office
  28. Replace the Pool equipment
  29. Replace the Ac
  30. Have Metal Roof installed
  31. Buy another Kayak
  32. Make more money
  33. Help my buddy know how smart he is
  34. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
  35. Help people understand they can get through college without student loans
  36. Teach more kids to ski
  37. Be more available to the people I care about
  38. Be more generous
  39. Be less judgmental
  40. Have less stuff
  41. Through-Hike Yosemite

My other 9 were about helping specific people I care about get what they want and I think they might just appreciate a little privacy.

How did you do? Did you find it difficult?

Our next assignment is to go back through these 50 and try and answer “Why” about each one. What would you get out of achieving this goal?

I listed several fitness type goals, lose 12 lbs, ride a century, run a half marathon etc. I know that eating healthy and exercising vigorously are two things that keep me strong and active. I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want to watch others play; I want to be participate fully and I know I must really work at being fit to achieve that, so these are good goals for me. The lose 12 lbs is something I need to do and something I know I can do, it’s going on the list.

I also listed a bunch of adventure kind of goals, hiking the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest, riding my bike cross country; these are really cool immersion type of activities. They require a minimum of three weeks to six months to complete. I would physically benefit greatly from this kind of adventure. You basically have no choice but to walk or ride yourself into phenomenal shape. Also, I think I would benefit from the challenge. To be able to set out to accomplish something so big and actually finish it would be awesome. I love learning and these adventures offer lots of learning opportunities. On the other hand, I’m not sure these have much benefit to those I care about; so on that front they are very selfish goals. I will re-visit these in late spring, if I can get one or more of my daredevil nephews to go with me, I might be up for a month long adventure this summer.

One of the goals I had a hard time writing down was my Get my life uncomplicated goal. This is kind of code for a messy long (I mean really long) standing legal relationship issue that I haven’t resolved. And I need to.  It would definitely benefit me to get this done, for many years it has just nagged at my life. It has often stood between who I am and who I want to be. This one goes on my list of four but I’m telling you right now I am going need a lot of help and encouragement to actually get it done.

My dream goals:  Tithe, Grow my postage stamp sized faith to the size of a soccer field (I stole this from Jon Acuff, watch  his great video here) and Be more generous involves continuing to grow my faith which I would describe like Josh Thompson sings “I’m still more lost than I am found, but I’m coming around”. I do want to keep working on this and it makes my short list.

When I started this coaching thing a year ago I knew I could do this business and the marketing side of it. What I worried about was if I could care enough. I worried I might be too judgmental of people in a bad spot. I wondered if I could really empathize. Turns out I really do have a heart after all. I LOVE helping my clients make progress. I LOVE spending time with them even when they are not making progress.   I understand their bad decisions and why they made them. I have patience (way more than I’ve ever had before) and can see that it takes time for people to change. The flip side of this is that the part I knew I could do well – I haven’t. I’m not independently  wealthy and in this coming year I need to find the formula that allows me to help people get what they want while allowing me to earn a reasonable living.

So that’s my four. Four things that are important to me and good for my relationships. Four things I care enough about to work on every day for the next 12 weeks.

In this coming week I’ll work on answering the following questions in our PICK FOUR workbook for each goal:

  • Benefits from reaching this goal
  • Skills or knowledge required to reach this goal
  • Major obstacles and Mountains to climb to reach this goal
  • Individuals and Organizations needed to help me reach this goal
  • Plan for reaching this goal (write it out, tell it like a story)

Your turn! Ask the “Why” of each of your 50. Give it some real thought and see if you can pick four things to care about for the next 3 months.

Remember, we’ve already agreed setting goals works. The only thing stopping you is your fear, sit with it, push through it and you really can Be, Do and Have More (of what you want).

This series starts at Busted.

4 thoughts on “Did you write your Dream List?”

  1. Cassie, THANK YOU for all that you do!! This is terrific and the nudge I need although I know what my #1 goal is, getting out of debt starting with selling this house, no matter what that takes. But I need 4 goals and the journey of really knowing what they are. So, lady, you are terrific and I’m glad I fired my CPA, found a good CPA through Dave Ramsey, who gave me your name. Who would have tho’t?! Keep it up, you are really helping to change lives. What a journey! Judy Miller

    1. You must have know I was getting my butt kicked this am and could really use a kind word !
      I am stoked about the Sell the House goal, I know you’ve been wrestling with that thought for quite some time. Watch out now that you’ve actually committed it to paper, we will make it happen.

  2. Write the great American novel
    Be the weight I was when I first thought I was overweight
    Visit Norway
    Spend more time at the beach
    Reconent with my son
    Market myself
    Go back to school
    Be a better wife
    find a solution to my RLS ( maybe this should be first)

    This is way tougher than I thought it would be, is anyone else feeling overwhelmed?

    1. Hi Pat,

      It is tough. Just keep breathing. I really had to laugh at “Be the weight I was when I first thought I was overweight” dang, been there!

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