Wild Idea #342

OK, here’s the great idea in a nutshell for my friends that won’t read 300 words.

Sell the house. Buy THREE energy efficient, low property tax, little houses in interesting places, find two other couples that think this is a cool idea and play musical houses every couple of months.

House #1: Close to the Appalachian Trail in a small urban community where we could live almost car free.  See listing here


House #2 Tiny, very private waterfront cottage off the grid way up north on Prince Edward Island See listing here

Finally, House #3 off the grid and off the beaten path in Hawaii. See listing here

I wouldn’t want to spend all winter on Prince Edward Island but how cool to spend part of the winter there, I bet you would feel like you were the last people on earth some days. And wouldn’t it be great to be out in the tropical rainforest in Hawaii while they are shoveling snow in the east.  Or, riding your bike along the Blue Ridge parkway in October?

I found all these places on GreenHomesforsale.com because utilities costs are one of the things I hate paying. We’ll spend an average of $330 a month for electric, water and trash while in some of these green homes those expenses are more like $400 a year.

Another expense I hate paying is property tax. We pay about 2.5 times the combined property tax for all three of these houses.

I have no information on what these homes cost to insure but I’m fairly certain I could insure all three for significantly less than we pay in our hurricane prone state to insure our one home.

I’d happily trade the saving in taxes, insurance and utilities for the additional travel costs involved with a roving lifestyle.

So what do you think? Is this a cool idea?


6 thoughts on “Wild Idea #342”

  1. Interesting idea. I like my “stuff”, am responsible for family pets and like to feel a part of a community. Not sure I would like the revolving door concept with houses. Let me know if you get any takers….. I would be curious to see how people would adapt.

    1. Stuff, people and pets are definitely limiting factors for the revolving house plan but think of it as an opportunity to be a member of three communities rather then just one. Adventure is important.

  2. I just completed my 1st of several BRAND NEW 910sqft single family houses in Nashville. It is located in East Nashville and is walkable to all the stores, bars, restaurants, parks, downtown and more. Now this is not a beach location, but Nashville is a cool city, especially if you like country music. My goal is to provide an affordable option to the big suburban houses so prevalent today. Price is starting at $120k so it will allow it’s owner to focus on life instead of a mortgage payment. This is the smallest house for sale in Nashville, so it is definitely ground breaking. Anyway, check it out if anyone is looking for a 2nd home in Nashville (or a 1st)


    1. Hi Bob,
      Thanks for stopping by. You are so right, owning a small home in walkable neighborhood is a great way to jump start your journey to financial independence. I love the pictures of the house !

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