Be, Do and Have MORE (of what you want) in 2012

We are counting down to the start of our free Be, Do and Have More (of what you want) Goals Series.

Here is how it is going to work:

Get yourself a copy of the workbook, Pick Four here. They are 4 for $20; so find three friends.

Or, send me an email with your physical address and tell me you want to join up and if you promise to use it, I’ll probably mail you a copy at no cost.

I’ll write about my goals every Monday, starting with “How to Set a Meaningful and Reasonable Goal”.

You can lurk and write in your workbook; or you can participate through the comments (better!) and write in your workbook; or you can come to a meetup and write in your workbook. As you are probably already sensing no matter how you relate to the series, you MUST write in your workbook.

We will each pick 4 goals and spend 12 weeks holding each other accountable to them.

Who should do this?

Everybody! Goals work! And you and everyone you care about should have some goals. Not in your head things that you want to do some day, but real concrete objectives that you are currently working on. These goals can be almost anything and you don’t need to pick them now; we’ll do that together.

Get Started!

1) Get your workbook, either from Amazon or me,

2) If you are not already a subscriber to BeyondDave, become one by entering your email above the ” Subscribe me!” box  halfway down the left column.

That’s it. Two steps and you are on the road to Being More, Doing More and Having More in 2012.


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