The Magic Moment

While working with clients that are financially out of control, I have oft times observed the magical moment when hope re-enters their lives. This occurs way before any significant financial progress is made.

In our new cable free life, we have enjoyed watching some different TV series on Netflix. We’ve both  enjoyed some pretty good shows that we never would have found on cable, like BBC’s “Luther“. One show that I watch alone is “Heavy“. Jim just doesn’t get how I could possibly enjoy watching these extremely obese people struggle to lose their weight.

It’s not about the weight, it’s about that moment. You can see it happen right before your eyes. These people have been without hope for years. Most of them are carrying not only hundreds of extra pounds but also, tons of emotional baggage. Many can trace the beginnings of their spiraling weight problems to the death of a loved one or abuse they suffered or some other traumatic event. They show up at this residential weight loss resort; either hoping for a miracle or expecting to fail.

The fact that they are both the Problem and the Solution never occurs to them. Some are modern-day princesses; they have never done anything hard in their whole life (at least not on purpose). They whine, they shirk, they rationalize and they blame others. But the trainers just keep pushing, pulling, encouraging and demanding of them. There is a constant effort to re-focus the client on their ultimate goal. The trainers absolutely refuse to listen to the “I can’t, it won’t work, I am trying” whining.

And then it happens. Sometimes you see the start of it at the first weigh in, sometimes it takes several weeks but you can see it the day the switch flips. They suddenly find hope and take ownership. The trainer isn’t eating 1200 calories or working out 4 hours a day; the client is. When the client figures out that they are doing this and that maybe they can achieve that goal; their whole attitude and outlook changes. What once was a downward spiral reverses and every day they get more hopeful, more confident, and more determined.

This same scenario plays out every time we re-learn self-control in any area of our lives. We find, much to our surprise, that we do have choices, we can control our lives, and there is reason for hope.

We don’t have to finish to find this place; we only have to start.